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Moving your Furniture from A to B


Pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards, wardrobes, and stools are ordinarily very bulky and sensitive yet important and costly. Once in a while when the need to move from one location to another arises, these pieces of furniture too require to be moved. Owing to their sensitive yet costly nature, they have to be handled with extreme caution to prevent any breakages, damages and the subsequent wastage of money.

For this feat to be achieved, the intervention of special pieces of equipment, commonly called furniture movers, is, by all means, necessary. These are equipment that are specifically designed to lift and move furniture around in such a manner as to prevent breakage, scratches or any other associated damages.

There are two main types of furniture movers namely: hydraulic and manual furniture movers respectively. In the following discussions, these two types of furniture movers are going to be discussed in finer details. Read Full Post…

Fleet Management System

The main focus of each transportation business lies in delivering goods or services in an on-time, cost-effective way. Route planning needs to be performed efficiently so that the vehicle reaches its destination without any hassles, diversions or waste of time. A Fleet Management system is specifically designed for fleet managers to help them manage their transportation business, keep a track of their vehicles in real-time, and ensure the fastest delivery to customers to achieve maximum satisfaction. The system is a simple concept that combines individual, highly functional, web-based components with a GPS tracking system, a two-way wireless communication device, and management web-based software. All of these components work in tandem to produce a real-time view of the fleet for the fleet manager to watch over and keep the track of all company vehicles from the convenience of his office.
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Take Control of your Vehicle and Driver’s Safety with Fleet Vehicle Management

Monitoring and controlling vehicles is an important aspect for every company in today’s market as it can give the company a competitive advantage when done properly. The fleet management system allows you to keep track of all your vehicles irrespective of your location whether you are at home or at office.

Tracking is based on Satellite Tracking technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) software, which allows you to view the movement of your vehicles easily on realistic maps through internet or using automatic vehicle location software. Fleet management in Northampton helps its clients to monitor the exact location of their vehicles, monitor and manage the speed of the vehicle and monitor the departure and arrival times of vehicles.  Read Full Post…

Outbound VS Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics vs outbound logistics, understanding the difference and correlation between the two can help a business develop a comprehensive management strategy. Inbound would refer more to the transport, storage and delivery of goods coming into your business, whilst outbound refers to the same but for goods going out of your business.

Your company will work different supply-chain partners on inbound and outbound logistics. The inbound side is more to deal with the relationship between each company and their suppliers, whilst the outbound side is more to deal with how companies get products to their customers.

Inbound logistics covers anything from your company ordering from suppliers, example – tools, office equipment etc. Whilst dealing with your own products is more outbound logistics.


Mobile Apps in the Logistics Industry

It’s clear to see that smartphones are taking the world by storm and the logistics industry is no different. There are a wide range of apps out there to track parcels live, while many taxi companies will provide smartphone users with their location so you can find them quick and easily.


Many transportation companies are looking to app development, but the major corporations are already there. Tracking really has never been easier, and there are many specialist app creators who focus on tracking applications in particular. Their services are well suited for any company with a fleet of vehicles, whether that’s a florist delivery company or a local takeaway.

Smartphones are at the centre of many people’s lives and it looks as though they’re going to be the way forward for many logistics companies. Actually, they already are!