Dangers Of Driving When Tired

We all know that driving when tired is dangerous and that we should take breaks at least every two hours. But what are some of the dangers?

Reaction Time
When your tired your reaction time is reduced. However, you do not always realise this. Meaning the time it takes you to react to what is happening around you is much longer. Making you much more of a hazard on the road.

It is known that is is much harder to concentrate when you are tired. This means you may be easily distracted. For example, a song on the radio may gain your attention. And whilst you may be looking at the road ahead you are not taking notice of what is happening.

When you are tired you can go through a phase of micro-sleep. Most of the time you will not even notice that this has happened. This can last for a fraction of a second to 10 seconds. Making you more vulnerable to crashes.