Storing Vehicles For Long Periods of Time

For whatever reason, vehicles are sometimes left stationary for long periods of time. However, vehicles are designed to be used on a regular basis. So doing just the opposite and leaving them unused, can actually cause damage to the vehicle.

This damage can be avoided by preparing the vehicle before storing it.

Cover The Exhaust

The exhaust is connected directly to inner mechanics of the vehicle. If a vehicle is left for a period of time, debris and even creatures can get into these inner workings, through holes like the exhaust. A simple plastic bag tied around the exhaust pipe will prevent this from happening.

If your vehicle has any large air intakes or ways to access the engine it can be worth while covering these in the same way.

Cover The Vehicle

Covering the vehicle with a large dust sheet or car cover will add a layer of protection around it. Much in the same way as covering the exhaust.