Where Can You Stop On Long Logistic Journeys?

When working in logistics, it is likely you will be travelling long distances across your working day. When this is the case, you want to ensure you know the places you can stop on your journey.

If you just need a stop to break up your journey or to create a lunch break, a great place to stop is at a service station. When travelling in a worry, you should stick to main motorways and bigger roads. There should be a lot of service stations along these roads to provide ample stopping places.

If you need somewhere to stop overnight to sleep, most lorries will have a place for you to sleep in the cabin. But you need to pull over somewhere safe. Again, this can be at a service station. Or you can pull over at the side of a road in a layby.

Always take regular breaks, but make sure you stop safely and not causing an obstruction for other drivers.